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What is Legal Workspace?

Legal Workspace is a cloud-based solution that hosts the applications you use to run your law firm. We provide the core software every user requires including Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Anti-virus & Anti-spam protections. We host all your other key software applications, giving access to your practice anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Do I need to have an Internet connection?

Yes. An Internet connection is required to access your Legal Workspace cloud solution, whether it’s through an Internet line or wireless connection in your home or office, or via your mobile device.

How much bandwidth do I need in my office?

While different users have different requirements, a good rule of thumb to estimate bandwidth is 125kbs per user. If your Internet line also provides telephone VOIP service, estimate an additional 75kbs per user. For example, a firm using VOIP and having four users will want to have a line that carries at least 800kbs.

Can I access Legal Workspace from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can access everything in your Legal Workspace cloud solution from your smartphone or tablet.

Can I link my smartphone or tablet with my Legal Workspace email account?

Yes, you can link your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry to your Legal Workspace Microsoft Exchange account. We even support accessing your mail via a web browser.

Can I use Legal Workspace using my Mac?

Yes. Similar to using a mobile device, you’ll be able to access your Legal Workspace environment using your Mac. This is one of the many advantages of Legal Workspace – it gives you access to programs that are not Mac-compatible, without having to run a Windows Operating System.

How do you ensure my data is secure?

Your law firm’s data is housed in ultra-secure data centers using enterprise-grade equipment, including top-end firewalls to ensure your information is locked down and protected from external threats.

Is my data backed up?

Yes, with redundant Internet connections and back-up power generators, data is stored on redundant, 256kb-encryption servers, and then backed up daily and replicated to a secondary facility.

What applications can I use on Legal Workspace?

One of the key advantages of using Legal Workspace is that your law firm can use practically any application you’re currently using. Our legal cloud solution enable you essentially to move your entire law practice – just the way you’re running it now – to the cloud. All processes and workflows stay the same but you no longer need to manage and support all the equipment required to run it in-house. We provide the core software every user requires and then add whatever other applications you’re currently using or want to make available.

Why is Legal Workspace better than an in-house solution?

Law firms tell us they chose Legal Workspace because of:

Improved Flexibility & Access – Now the entire office, attorneys and support staff can be productive whether in the office, on the road, in court, or anywhere there’s a connection to the Web. You also aren’t tied to any one device – use your desktop, your laptop, your smartphone or a tablet to work.

Reduced Infrastructure & Support Costs – The Legal Workspace cloud-based service eliminates costly equipment investments and maintenance for in-house servers and other equipment. Legal Workspace also saves you software licensing fees.

Fewer Distractions – A move to Legal Workspace means technology issues are no longer your issues – we take care of that for you, allowing you and your team to focus on the work that really matters, supporting your clients and growing your practice.

How long does it take to get started?

Every Legal Workspace client is a little different but typically setting up your Legal Workspace environment can be done in a matter of days. The final leg of the migration process is typically completed over a weekend, so when you and your staff arrive on Monday morning you are ready to go.

How does Legal Workspace handle printing and scanning?

We map your local printers to your Legal Workspace environment so you can print just as you do today. Most scanners can also be configured to deliver the scanned document directly to your email server for easy access.