The first and only HIPAA compliant cloud-based solution for law firms

Legal Workspace HIPAA Compliant Edition

As the industry leader in offering cloud-based software and applications for the legal community, we know that data security is a key concern for our clients.  That’s why Legal Workspace offers the most secure, highest-rated facilities and enterprise-grade safeguards for all data storage.

Meeting the demands of HIPAA

All lawyers understand the importance of keeping client files and data secure. But law firms that access, store or transmit protected health information — or have clients or business partners that do – must meet the special requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

If you or your firm represents hospitals, physician practices, health insurance companies or any business with access to personal medical records, the Legal Workspace HIPAA Compliant Edition takes the foundation of our already highly secure and protected environment and adds the specific security and procedural enhancements you need to ensure HIPAA compliance.

With Legal Workspace’s HCE, law firms that handle any type of data protected by HIPAA can confidently sign Business Associate agreements required by their clients/partners who fall under HIPAA regulation.

Providing extra data security

Even if your firm is not required to demonstrate HIPAA compliance you can still benefit from the additional protection and peace of mind that Legal Workspace HCE offers.

HIPAA Compliant Edition

For law firms and their clients that access, store or transmit protected health information, our HIPAA Compliant Edition offers the specific security enhancements you need to meet the rigorous demands of federal law.

Learn more about the HIPAA compliance obligations expected from attorneys.

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