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At the heart of any successful law practice is an efficient time, billing and accounting process. The right application can make the difference between getting your bills out and getting paid on time and having enormous unpaid receivables. So identifying and implementing the application that meets your law firm’s specific billing management requirements is a critical task for your practice. If you’re unclear about the right solution, let our certified Legal Workspace experts help you make this important decision.

We provide licensing options and support the following time and billing management software applications:

PCLaw, from LexisNexis®, is an integrated time, billing and accounting application. Our PCLaw advanced certified team can support or customize this application for your firm’s unique billing, accounting, reporting and practice management needs.

One of the most widely used time and billing management solutions, Timeslips is designed to be exceptionally flexible without sacrificing efficiency. From custom fields to robust, detailed reporting, Timeslips give law firms everything they need to ensure they maximize billing opportunities. Fully integrates with Office, Outlook, QuickBooks and the most popular practice management applications.

Tabs3® Billing Software
Tabs3 Billing, which ties in directly to Practice Master, lets you tracks time, create statements, allocate payments and much more. It boasts a very flexible billing rate controller, allowing you to vary by personnel and client. It also supports contingency, flat rate and split rate options. Can be used with either QuickBooks or Tabs3 Financial software.

The clear leader in small business accounting software, QuickBooks is a favorite even within the legal community. Its flexibility and intuitiveness and its tie-ins with just about every major software application in the market, including practice management and time and billing software, means your law firm can’t go wrong with tried and true QuickBooks.