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Legal Workspace is a cloud-based work environment designed specifically for law firms. We host everything you use in your current work environment – including your existing software applications, files and folders – in our highly secure cloud-based data centers.

Do Law Firms Need Email Disclosures?

Everyone has seen them, and maybe your law firm uses them (or even overuses them): Disclaimers tacked on to the end of emails that are intended manage risk. This extra text might confirm that the information within the email is … Continued

Migrate Legal Software to the Cloud in 6 Steps

In today’s world, technology is literally at our fingertips and has become the backbone of all business process and functionality.  Long past are the days where a firm could run with a typewriter, some file cabinets, a copy machine, and … Continued

Picking the Best Cloud Package for Your Law Firm

You already know the benefits of using a cloud-based work environment for your law firm. Increased flexibility, security, and functionality: All of that can be accomplished by switching to the cloud. Legal Workspace, which supplies cloud-based work environments specifically for … Continued

Future-Proof Your Law Firm

Use the Cloud to Keep Up with the Pace of Technology It’s no secret; technology has accelerated the pace of change – in work and in life. There are a few ways that your law firm can go about adapting … Continued

Security With Zero Effort

Security With Zero Effort Do you know that October is cybersecurity awareness month? More importantly, do you know what you need to do in order to keep your data secure? Or, are you aware of what you need to do…except … Continued

Bill More Hours with the Cloud

Cloud Environment Creates Extra Time “Efficiency” has become a buzzword in the legal services industry over the last several years: As corporations become more concerned with legal budgets, and procurement departments become more involved in the selection and retention of … Continued