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Legal Workspace is a cloud-based work environment designed specifically for law firms. We host everything you use in your current work environment – including your existing software applications, files and folders – in our highly secure cloud-based data centers.

Should Responsible Law Firms Use Cloud Storage?

Protecting privilege is one reason law firms have been hesitant to adopt using the cloud for document storage and sharing. Fears of hacking or inadvertently providing access to privileged documents have kept many firms from embracing technology that could save … Continued

Reclaim 69 Billable Hours This Year

Everyone gets spam emails. It’s a part of life, so you deal with it. But do you realize how much time your employees spend reviewing and deleting spam emails? The average worker receives 121 emails per day, and nearly 50 … Continued

How Win Outside Counsel for an Insurance Giant

Winning Large Clients When your firm handles insurance defense, you receive, send, and store highly sensitive materials. Wise law firms understand that security and compliance are critical because of the growing threat to cybersecurity. Without the proper safeguards in place, … Continued

10 Tips for Streamlining Case Management Software

Practice and Case Management applications empowers attorneys to streamline their law firms. Case Management software is a powerful tool that centralizes firm client information, including contacts, cases, calendars, documents, and other essential client case information. Over time, the databases need … Continued

What’s New with Worldox

Legal Applications Support Supporting our clients’ legal applications is a source of pride at Legal Workspace so our engineers are constantly polishing their knowledge and learning new application features. That’s why we’re constantly attending software training events. Since Worldox is … Continued

2 Easy Ways to Tighten Security

Law firms have an obligation to keep client data secure. As hacking becomes an ever-increasing threat to businesses of all sizes—especially those that store and transmit sensitive data—two options, Two-factor Authentication and Email Encryption, can help put up barriers. Two-factor … Continued