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Legal Applications Support

Supporting our clients’ legal applications is a source of pride at Legal Workspace so our engineers are constantly polishing their knowledge and learning new application features. That’s why we’re constantly attending software training events.

Since Worldox is one of the most popular document management solutions, we decided to ramp up our Worldox support team by sending two additional engineers to the Worldox Reseller Conference in Arizona.

Worldox Training

The Worldox conference offered engineers advanced training in new features and upgrades, best practices, new cloud offerings, and common technical requests such as:

  • — Upgrading from Worldox GX3 to GX4
  • — Worldox Enterprise training
  • — Worldox Connect training
  • — Converting files from other document management systems
  • — Customizing Worldox cabinets for users
  • — Improving the Worldox user experience to increase efficiency

Worldox is an incredibly robust document and email management solution. Our engineers can customize your Worldox environment to fit the needs of your practice. We highly encourage users to reach out for assistance:

  • — Saving sensitive documents locally (e.g. HR or private records)
  • — Digitalizing records (this doesn’t have to be painful or tedious)
  • — Ensuring data security
  • — Collaborating on documents

Legal Application Consulting, Support and Customization

Our team of experts is ready and willing to assist with all of your legal and business specific applications! Not sure which applications are right for your firm? We can help you decide what’s best based on your needs, budget, timeframe, and existing infrastructure.

Shoot us an email: info@legal-workspace.com

Give us a call: 877-713-8302

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