Q4 Newsletter: The Latest from Your Law Office in the Cloud


Security Enhancements


Intrusion Detection System – A couple of months ago during our maintenance window, we implemented new redundant firewalls and an intrusion detection system. An IDS monitors the network traffic in and out of Legal Workspace for malicious activities. By identifying suspicious patterns it can prevent an attack from someone or something attempting to compromise your system.

Another optional security enhancement we now offer is two-factor authentication.  For a nominal fee per user, this service provides a second layer of security to your remote desktop login.  The way it works is that anytime you enter your password to access Legal Workspace, you will receive a pop-up message on your mobile device, you will have to hit yes to let the system know it is in fact you that entered the password. While we do have controls in place to lock an account if multiple incorrect passwords are entered, this second layer of security will protect you if someone ever gains access to you password.  Contact our team to learn more about adding two-factor authentication to your Legal Workspace plan for a low monthly cost.

Support Whenever You Need It!


Legal Workspace’s helpdesk is monitored by experienced engineers capable of resolving desktop and workstation problems quickly and efficiently.  Our staff will troubleshoot your problem using the latest remote support tools and escalate the call, if necessary, to a specialist to resolve critical issues.

Monday – Friday 7AM – 6PM (MST)     Call (877) 713-8302, option #2

Should you have an after-hours emergency, please call the support line and a member of our technical staff will return your call within one hour.  Please note that after-hours labor rates and minimums apply. (877) 713-8302 | helpdesk@legal-workspace.com

7 Advantages of the Cloud for a Law Firm


Do you know anyone that is still deciding between a cloud-based IT solution and on-site IT for their firm? There are multiple reasons why moving your law office to the cloud will make technology more accessible, security more reliable and your IT budget cost efficient. Here is a great article about some of the advantages.

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More Law Firms Embrace Cloud-Based IT


More and more law firms continue to make the switch from traditional on-site technology to a secure cloud-based approach. A cloud-based work environment provides many benefits such as enhanced security, scalability, encrypted data and operational efficiencies that are associated with the ability to work from any device or location 24/7. With law firms experiencing a surge in progression to the cloud it is only a matter of time before traditional on-premises IT is thing of the past.

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Have You Seen Our Video?


See how our cloud-based solution simplifies the business of practicing law.
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Client Spotlight


Has Legal Workspace helped your practice? We want to hear all about it.

How has the cloud helped your practice? We’re looking for clients who can provide a short quote that shares their experience with Legal Workspace. In the end, your firm will be positioned as a thought leader by Legal Workspace with marketing activities to help increase your website performance and visibility for your law firm.

Email rblakely@legal-workspace.com to learn more and get started!


“I highly recommend Legal Workspace for the primary reason that it helps me sleep at night and focus on my cases. Being a small firm owner, it is easy to spend crucial time, money, and emotions on technological issues. Not us! Our technology system is organized, streamlined, accountable, and secure. We have the ability to have multiple users log into our system no matter where they are and I am never worried that I am going to lose data, calendar or contact information or files. I simply cannot imagine my practice without Legal Workspace.”

– Dustin Compton, Founder, Compton Law Firm

Make Legal Workspace Better

If you see opportunities for improvement in either the service we deliver or product enhancements we are always here to listen. Email your feedback to feedback@legal-workspace.com

Referral Special

Refer a firm or 2 or 3…Do you know a law firm that needs Legal Workspace? When you refer a friend or collage to Legal Workspace we will help them succeed and you will get a free month of service! Send your referrals via email to feedback@legal-workspace.com

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