3 Resolutions All Law Firms Should Make in 2019

Another New Year is upon us! ‘Tis the season for law firms to take stock of the past year’s successes and shortcomings and make goals for the upcoming year.

It used to be that preparing a law firm for a new year mainly meant staying the course and constructing growth goals. While growth is something that most law firms want to happen in 2019, there’s now more that goes into making a robust and agile law firm.

Get up-to-date on technology

If your law firm is still going about the business of law the old-fashioned way, it is going to be left behind. Technology has helped to even the playing field for law firms. Now, with technology’s help, smaller firms can take on more complex clients. And, larger firms can provide more efficient, more accurate service.

Automation and management

With a wide array of legal applications, law firms can streamline management and administration. For example, practice management software, such as Amicus Attorney® or Time Matters®, allows administrators to track and manage schedules and records. Document management software, such as Worldox®, takes organization and productivity a step further.

Time and billing software simplifies the invoicing process, increases accuracy, and frees up valuable attorney time. And, legal document generation automation software, such as Hot Docs® and ProDoc®, prevents attorneys from re-inventing the wheel every time they create a transactional document.

Using this kind of technology releases legal minds from the tyranny of busy work. It also allows management to manage instead of worrying about the little things.

Flexibility and reliability

By now, most law firm management has heard about using the advantages of using a cloud environment. One benefit is that attorneys and employees can access their workspaces from their Smartphones, tablets, laptops – practically any device that can connect to the internet. And, downtime is a thing of the past: Cloud environments like Legal Workspace use top notch technology and talent to provide clients with reliable, seamless service.

And, all of the above mentioned legal applications are compatible with Legal Workspace – which means that you can either do a complete technological overhaul when you make the switch to the cloud, or, you can work with Legal Workspace to integrate your current software with its environment.

Secure your data

Hackers have New Year’s resolutions, too: to work continuously and find new ways to penetrate defenses and steal data. Clients are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers and have higher expectations for data protection. And, of course, large clients and clients in certain industries (such as those associated with medical records) have high security standards (such as HIPAA) that need to be met.

Legal Workspace was created solely for law firms, so security is paramount. The Legal Workspace cloud environment utilizes military-grade security, which means that your clients’ data is much safer than it would be if you were to attempt to build your own secure environment. Not only that, but if a client does have a particular security request, Legal Workspace can adapt its environment to meet its needs.

Prep for disaster

No one likes to think that a natural disaster might occur that could wipe out their law firm’s records. Fire, flood, and tornadoes are just a few examples of challenges that could interrupt business and cause irreparable damage to a law firm.

When you have your data and workspace housed in a cloud environment (and that data is stored redundantly in multiple geographic locations and regularly backed up), that’s it: You’re prepared for disaster. Your data will still be accessible in the cloud no matter what might happen on the ground.

These three ways to prepare your law firm for 2019 can be accomplished easily by making one decision: to move to a cloud environment. Make this year the year that technology and data stop causing challenges in your law firm.

Joe Kelly, Founder and CEO of Legal Workspace, to Speak at the 2015 Colorado Legal and Technology Expo

Legal Workspace, a leading provider of cloud-based work environments designed specifically for law firms, today announced that its founder and CEO Joe Kelly will be a featured presenter at the Colorado Legal and Technology Expo in Denver, Colo., on Aug. 21.

The expo, presented by the Colorado Bar Association, shares the latest in trends, legal services and technology that can help attorneys improve their law firms’ efficiencies. A resource for solos, small firms, larger firms, and legal departments, it provides hands-on practical information that can result in an increase in billings, greater operational flexibility and cost savings. The program also offers CLE presentations on key technology topics presented by leading attorneys who live and breathe technology in their practice.

Kelly’s presentation, scheduled for Aug. 21 at 3 p.m. MT, will focus on the convergence of the cloud and security. He will discuss how the expectations are changing for attorneys when it comes to keeping their clients’ data confidential. This includes explaining key security concepts such as physical and technical security, disaster recovery, firewalls, Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems, compliance, encryption and more.

What: Cloud and security presentation by Joe Kelly at the Colorado Legal and Technology Expo
When: Aug. 21, 2015
Time: 3-3:30 p.m. MT
Where: Warwick Hotel, 1776 Grant Street, Denver, CO 80203

Legal Workspace Increases Client Base, Support Personnel and Partner Reach in 2014

Legal Workspace, a leading provider of cloud-based work environments designed specifically for law firms, today announced that it increased its 2014 customer base by 37 percent when compared to 2013. Additionally, the company welcomed new clients and a new partner in 2014.

The company attributes this success to its unique, legal-specific virtual work environment coupled with law firms’ rising acceptance of cloud-based technology.

Legal Workspace’s accomplishments in 2014 included:

• The finalization of a partner agreement with LawBase as well as the first installation of LawBase in the Legal Workspace environment.
• A renewed Worldox certification.
• A new Time Matters certification.
• The addition of legal systems engineering and marketing staff with first-hand knowledge of law firm operations and processes.

“The cloud is truly freeing attorneys from location and accessibility constraints. We take this a step further by transforming firms into cloud-based operations which give lawyers and paralegals mobile access while eliminating the complexities and costs of managing IT on-site. Legal Workspace, which was first introduced in 2008, can tackle complicated systems and tasks in a short period of time such as large scan and print jobs, integrating applications with email, hosting practice and document management databases and linking to indexed data,” said Joe Kelly, CEO and founder of Legal Workspace.

Legal Workspace, created for lawyers by professionals well-versed in the special demands and requirements of law firm practices, hosts software applications such as Microsoft Windows, Office and Exchange and anti-virus and anti-spam protection to create a virtual law firm platform. Through partnerships, Legal Workspace also offers cloud-based access the following practice management, document management, time billing and legal document generation automation software:

• Amicus Attorney®
• Needles®
• Practice Master®
• Thomson Reuters ProLaw®
• Worldox®
• Microsoft SharePoint®
• Timeslips®
• Tabs3® Billing Software
• QuickBooks®
• Hot Docs®
• ProDoc®

Visit Legal Workspace at LegalTech New York (booth 434) for demonstrations and more information.

You can learn more by visiting Legal Workspace or watch our video.

Resolve to Simplify your IT Budget

law-firm-IT-resolutions-in-2015As we say goodbye to 2014, we say hello to a new year. The New Year is all about changing old ways and starting fresh. Some of the first items to reevaluate are your law firm’s IT operations and budget.

For instance:

What did you spend on IT support in 2014?
Will you need to replace hardware to keep things running smoothly?
What software are you going to be required to upgrade?
Have you considered moving your law firm to the cloud?

With so many questions to consider, your IT challenges can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve put together this infographic to show how cloud services for law firms stack up against a traditional on-site IT solution. (Spoiler: The cloud can offer increased flexibility, security and legal industry support.)


Thank You To Our Loyal Customers

Giving Thanks

What a wonderful concept Thanksgiving Day is – an official day set aside to reflect on all we’re thankful for in our lives. Gathering together with family and friends – pausing to reflect before the holiday rush and onslaught of the New Year – can only be healthy for all of us. This is true for companies as well as individuals.

In that spirit, Legal Workspace would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to our loyal customers. We are not only grateful for the business our clients bring us, but also simply for the opportunity to do what we love. Most importantly, we are thankful for the relationships we’ve built. After all, while we may deal with remote servers, bits of data and virtual applications, what it all boils down to is each person who we’re privileged to work with every day.

We’re especially thankful that so many of our clients have shown an ongoing loyalty to Legal Workspace, which makes these relationships even more rewarding. Whether you’ve been with us for years, months or only weeks, we appreciate the fact that you chose Legal Workspace to manage your technology needs.

We hope the holiday season and the New Year are joyful and prosperous for you and your firm. We’re looking forward to continuing to do what we’re passionate about, and building our much-valued relationship.

Thank you,

Your Legal Workspace Team

How the Cloud Cuts Your IT Overhead

What if your workday was more about practicing law and less about running an office? It can be with Legal Workspace – your law office in the cloud. Watch this video to see why law firms are switching to the cloud:


Legal Workspace is a cloud-based IT solution for law firms. Our turnkey solution means you won’t need to hire an IT person, invest in equipment and hardware, or worry about managing IT issues. Legal Workspace gives you 24-7 support from legal IT experts who know your programs and the software you are running.

All of your software programs are hosted along with all your files on a virtual cloud server. The applications and software you need to run your practice can be accessed anytime, anywhere on any device. Co-workers can access documents and programs seamlessly and simultaneously for efficient collaborative work, whether they’re in the office next to you or somewhere town or anywhere around the globe.

If you’re ready to learn more, contact us for a free demo to see how Legal Workspace can change the way that you manage your practice.