Multiple Locations, No Headaches: Law Firm Cloud Advantages

Whether you’ve just added a second law firm location or have been juggling the management of multiple locations for longer than you can remember, one thing is true: It can be a headache.

There’s a lot to consider even before you come to IT issues – and IT issues can be the snarliest challenges you’ll face. How do you manage multiple firewalls and phone systems? How do you provide access to shared programs and files? How do you share files securely? How do you make sure that security is consistent and top-of-the-line in each location? How do you check that back-ups are being regularly performed?

A million systems or one simple solution?

You can hire the best people. You can set up systems upon systems that streamline management. You can enact checks and balances that ensure you catch everything that might fall through the cracks. You can assess and reassess. You can think about these issues day and night.

And, still, something might happen that no one foresaw. Still, a server might crash that brings down a location for several hours. Still, a natural disaster could take out an entire region, resulting in data loss. Still, a hacker could target one of your law firms, breach a firewall, and gain access to privileged information.

One simple solution could alleviate all of those headaches and make life a lot simpler for those who manage multiple law firm locations – and for those who work at them. The cloud can simplify IT for law firms with multiple locations, and it can make your technology more reliable, more secure, and easier to access, too.

What the cloud can do

You can stop worrying about multiple firewalls and their vulnerabilities when you use the cloud. Cloud security operates on a different plane. And, Legal Workspace’s cloud security is a cut above the rest because it was designed specifically for law firms, with redundant enterprise-grade firewalls and an intrusion detection/prevention system that can do dual-factor authentication.

What does all that mean, and why is it important? You can take Legal Workspace’s cybersecurity quiz to find out where your IT security currently stands, and how using a cloud environment, like Legal Workspace, can eliminate the headaches that come from managing multiple firewalls, for example.

Networked phone systems can be a pain. When you use a cloud phone system, you connect to a bevy of new and exciting technologies, which can allow for easier collaboration, flexibility, and access. The cloud also simplifies the process of allowing access to shared programs and sharing files securely.

Using the cloud also does something important that many companies – even law firms that are well aware of the risks – avoid. It creates a simple and automatic disaster recovery plan for your multiple firm locations. Because Legal Workspace houses its clients’ data in multiple server centers in diverse geographical locations, you’re covered in case of catastrophe. Beyond that, back-ups are automatically performed, and updates are automatically applied so you know you’re always using the newest and best versions of your legal software.

Managing multiple locations is especially difficult for law firms because the very nature of the business requires top-notch security and collaboration. When you have multiple locations, there are more chances for slip-ups, inconsistencies, and complications. A cloud environment can simplify the way your attorneys work – and keep their work secure.