Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Law Platforms

A virtual law platform – or a law firm in the cloud – can change the way that firms go about providing excellent service to clients and keeping costs down internally. Here are the answers to some typical questions law firms have before making the change.

Migration time and effort: Not an issue

Ordinarily, migrating data from one technology to another takes a lot of time and energy. But, you don’t have to worry when it comes to moving data to the cloud.

Of course, the timeline depends on your data volume, but the process itself is usually a quick one – and it doesn’t require constant input and adjustment on your end.

Security: Data is locked up

Unless you work in a Fortune 100 law firm, it is unlikely your data security is flawless. And even if you have managed to achieve a secure environment, it probably takes a herculean effort with multiple IT consultants and/or firms working constantly to make sure nothing and no one breach your defenses. In other words, it’s a lot of work, and it costs a lot of money.

When you select a virtual law platform, such as Legal Workspace, you benefit from the kind of security those elite law firms offer, all at a fraction of the cost. Legal Workspace can offer high-level security at a reduced cost because of the scalability of its security systems.

Need to be HIPAA-compliant? That would be a major headache if you tried to do it yourself, but when you work with a company like Legal Workspace, you only need to request that security feature.

IT costs: Reduced

You may be patching up an old server, trying to put off the giant expense of a new one. Maybe you have a Microsoft Exchange 2010 server that’s coming to the end of its support lifetime – and you know you need to either invest in a new one or make a different choice.

Whatever your IT situation, your management team is likely a little bit annoyed by the way that IT spending can conflict with – and usually exceed – what’s in the budget. When you move your law firm to the cloud, suddenly IT costs become a lot more predictable and a lot less expensive.

Instead of shelling out upwards of $15,000 for a new server (and all of the additional costs that accompany such a complex project), maybe it’s time to consider using a virtual law platform with stable monthly fees as IT costs.

Workflows: Optimized

Let’s say you have everything figured out already when it comes to workflows, applications, and software you use to keep your law firm humming at peak efficiency. If you do, that’s great: Legal Workspace, or the virtual law platform of your choosing, can usually lift those working parts into the cloud. What worked before, works after.

But, if you could use a hand with improving workflows and need help finding solutions that work better, Legal Workspace’s team of experts can listen, advise, and tailor an environment that makes your law firm click. What didn’t work before, works after.

And that’s not all!

Basically everything stays the same or works better in the cloud. Convert that server closet or room into something more useful and relax. Many of the worries you experienced with on-site servers will no longer be an issue.

Migration? Not a huge time commitment. Security? Better than ever. IT costs? Stabilized and reduced. Workflows? Improved. A virtual law platform can make things easier, safer, and more efficient. Reach out today to learn more.