Colorado Legal Tech Expo

This years Colorado Legal and Technology Expo was held at the Warwick Hotel on August 21st. The expo featured the latest in technology innovations and Legal Workspace was a presenting sponsor featuring a presentation on security and the cloud. Our team was also there exhibiting and providing information on cloud services for law firms. We want to thank all the attendees who stopped by our booth and attended the presentation.

To recap our presentation, we covered multiple factors to consider when choosing a local or private cloud, but the main focus was security. One of the biggest threats to a law practice is the lack of understanding where the risks exist and not knowing the right technology to use to protect your firm. Having the right security measurements implemented is especially important for HIPAA compliant hosting. By utilizing proper legal IT cloud expertise your firm can ensure data security and compliance is in place, resulting in increased productivity, profitability and more billable hours.

Legal & Technology Expo - Denver

Legal & Technology Expo – Denver

HIPAA Compliance For Lawyers As Business Associates

lockThe rising number of data breaches and storage practices have opened the demands for heightened security that is often beyond the specifications of your IT infrastructure. With Legal Workspace’s HIPAA Compliant Edition (HCE), law firms as business associates can comply with the mandated security regulations of HIPAA. These regulations require that entities and their business associates have appropriate safeguards for protected health information (PHI). These safeguard responsibilities are broken down into three categories administrative, physical and technical.

Law Technology Today an ABA publication recently published an article by our CEO explaning what HIPAA compliance means for lawyers as business associates.

“As a business associate, law firms need to physically secure their offices, networks and data. This involves controlling facilities and electronic information to limit access to those who have the necessary authorizations. Law firms must also secure the area where computers are kept, as well as the computers themselves.”

– Joe Kelly

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Legal Workspace is the only cloud-based solution exclusively for law firms that is HIPAA Compliant.