Is Your Firm Prepared for the Unexpected?  

The world is unpredictable. Natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, affect wide swaths of the United States. Hackers have become increasingly adept at penetrating security shields, resulting in devastating data breaches for large companies.

Under these circumstances, how can a law firm protect its data and maintain privilege?

Data storage and accessibility

 A natural disaster may occur, but when you work with an organization like Legal Workspace, your data will be able to weather the storm. Legal Workspace stores your data in geographically diverse data centers – making it highly unlikely that a single natural disaster will affect your data integrity.

Beyond that, Legal Workspace backs up its data regularly, storing two weeks’ worth of backups. That means that if some unthinkable catastrophe were to occur, your law firm could still be up and running, and your data would be intact.

Natural disasters can wreak havoc on property, and they often force location changes on attorneys and staff, too. Some people might not be able to make it into the physical workspace. Others may be stranded across the country for longer than expected due to overbooked flights and bad weather. That doesn’t mean that your firm has to close its doors until conditions improve. Because Legal Workspace’s cloud environment is accessible from any device and from any location, your staff and attorneys can conduct business as usual.

Security requirements

 Hackers are a real and formidable threat. But, Legal Workspace provides the kind of security that most small to mid-size law firms could only dream of building themselves. For more than 20 years, Legal Workspace has been safeguarding its clients’ data from current and emerging threats.

It keeps records in accordance with state bar requirements to ensure that there is no breach of attorney-client privilege. Legal Workspace has special knowledge in this arena because it was designed specifically for law firms.

Some of the advanced security measures that Legal Workspace keeps in place include advanced data encryption, firewalls with sophisticated detection systems, and limited physical access to servers. And, if a problem ever were to occur, staff is available to react instantly. Not only that, but Legal Workspace has redundancy built into every security measure, which means that its clients’ data is constantly being monitored and protected.

Legal Workspace even has a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant version of its cloud environment. In other words, it can comply with the tightest security restrictions required. It has worked with law firms to meet special security mandates from financial institutions and government contractors, as well.

If the unthinkable happens…

Disaster preparedness isn’t only about building emergency kits. It has increasingly come to include data protection – and any day could constitute a disaster if a hacker were to infiltrate your law firm’s files.

Legal Workspace offers the most secure, highest-rated facilities and enterprise-grade safeguards for all data storage, so, in a world where hackers can attack or natural disaster might occur at any time, its clients can have peace of mind.