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With all the Practice Management software applications available, determining what you need can be confusing. Our team can help you determine the best options, whether you are starting your own firm or looking to switch law practice management applications.

Regardless of whether your firm uses one of the more popular applications, or something else, the Legal Workspace team can easily migrate your software to your cloud-based environment.

We provide licensing options and support the following law practice management software applications:

Amicus Attorney®
Designed by lawyers for lawyers, Amicus Attorney helps firms stay organized so they can spend more time generating revenue and less time doing tedious, unproductive tasks. Amicus Attorney is compatible with many popular support programs for productivity, accounting, time & billing, and document management, including Microsoft Office®, QuickBooks®, Timeslips®, Worldox® and others. Whether it’s managing contacts, tracking matter activities and time, or staying on top of busy schedules, Amicus Attorney is an intuitive, easy-to-use system that helps make firms more efficient, and more profitable.

Time Matters®
Time Matters, from LexisNexis®, offers a wide range of features with tie-ins to many popular software applications. Specific add-ons for integration with Microsoft Office and other LexisNexis applications are available. Additionally, our advanced certified team can customize and support Time Matters® for your firm.

Needles is a complete law practice management solution that works for law firms of all sizes. Its features include calendaring, document scanning, document assembly, client contact information, case and matter management, and time & billing features. Needles integrates with a variety of other programs including Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Timeslips, Worldox and more.

Practice Master®
Practice Master, from the makers of Tabs3 Billing® software, is a feature-laden law practice management application. It provides case overview and contact management, along with firm-wide calendar sharing, conflict checking, and integrated time tracking. This solution is ideal if your firm is already using Tabs3 for billing.

Thomson Reuters ProLaw®
ProLaw from Thomson Reuters is a great practice management solution for firms with between 2 and 10 employees. ProLaw is a robust solution that includes everything from client and matter management to financial management. Legal Workspace is a partner with Thomson Reuters and has experience helping firms move ProLaw to our cloud-based solution.

Juris from LexisNexis provides the scalability, flexibility and reporting requirements unique to firms with multiple attorneys, a large support staff and complex billing requirements. Juris provide easy methods for capturing all of your billable time and easily generating invoices either on an individual basis, or en masse.

LawBase is a leading case and matter management solution for solo practitioners, up to 750 plus attorney law firms and corporate and government agency legal departments. LawBase integrates with HotDocs and Microsoft Outlook as well as other applications.